Canine Behavior & Training
The following articles were written with a focus on Italian Greyhounds but most of the information can be applied to any breed.

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth
In depth article on the benefits of taking a proactive approach to your dog's oral hygiene.

Numerous step
by step demonstration photos.

How to Groom Your Dog's Nails with an Electric Grinder

More efficient than clippers - Reduces the chance of causing pain: even with black nails!

How to Crate & House Train Your Dog
Reduce (and have a better understanding of) canine anxiety.

How to Take Charge & Become Pack Leader
(Dealing with Chronic Barking)

Be a responsible dog owner, good neighbor and have a Canine Good Citizen.

Tips for Handling the Nervous/Fearful Dog
You could be exacerbating the problem!

Model Guidelines for a Successful Rescue/Rehoming Organization


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